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The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is one of the most picturesque sites in Uganda. Visitors to the park will come across many types of wildlife such as birds, monkeys and primates. There are also many hiking trails in the site as well Read full Article

Gisozi Genocide Memorial center
This museum in Kigali was created by a joint partnership of the City Council of Kigali and the UK-based Aegis Trust. Here you find a permanent exhibition of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and an exhibition of other genocides around the world. Read Full Article

Kagame calls on Rwandans to be self reliant
President Paul Kagame has called on Rwandans to work hard and be self reliant in 2013. Kagame warned that the freezing of foreign aid should serve as a lesson to lesson to Rwandans to learn how to be self-reliant since aid comes with strings attached to it. Read Full Article

EnviroKidz Updates Gorilla Munch Cereal Box, Continues to Help Gorillas
Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch cereal has a new look!  If you’ve seen or purchased this organic gluten-free cereal in a grocery store, you are familiar with the smiling silverback looking out over a bowl of cereal and strawberries. Now, on the new packaging you’ll see a young gorilla sitting behind the cereal bowl, raising his arms in delight. Read Full Article

Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Parl Marked Tourism Day (27th Sept 2013)
TOURISM remains one of the key pillars of the economy of Rwanda. This is not only earning the country with foreighn exchange but also enhences the protection of natural resources and touristic sites.

He made the remarks on Friday during celebrations to mark the World Tourism Day (WTD held annually on 27 September. The day, which was marked in Bushekeri Sector of Western Province’s  Nyamasheke District, just at the edge of Nyungwe National Park, was held under the theme: “Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future”. Read More

Uganda’s Top Most Tourist Attractions – Africa

Mountain Gorillas; these are the top most Uganda’s tourist attraction. In Uganda, mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and in Mgahinga National park… Read More