The Beauty of African Wilderness

They say beauty lies in the hands of the beholder but nature beauty is universal. In other word it appeals to all kinds of people let it be old, young, black, white, rich poor. Everyone would love to see nature in its wildness only that some people have not yet triggered and discovered their passion feelings for nature.

Many people are traveling worldwide to get a chance to see the beauty of nature. This is because nature can be an ambiance for relaxing, funs, therapy and medication. Some people may want to know how the world looked like before urbanization and modernity.

Countries have come up with ideas of extending nature near people’s proximity that is setting up zoos and botanical gardens. These zoos and botanical posses some wild flora and fauna but these are confined in cages and gardens where these creature cannot fully express their wildness and with also humans being exploring and adventurous, they always want to take an extra mile to see these exotic animals and plants in their natural environment or their originality. This has made authorities concerned to preserve, conserve and protect areas in the world that are endowed with wild beauty.

African Elephant Co-Exist with baboons

African Elephant Co-Exist with baboons

Although every continent has some areas that are nature gifted, Africa stands out most. Africa has vast of unhampered natural environment with special features and creatures. This makes it one of the most popular tourism destinations in the whole world. Africa has vast of wildlife that cannot be easily be found elsewhere in the world in their natural setting for example the impala, eland, oribi, lions, giraffes, thousands of bird species and many other.

The primates in Africa are worth a reserved mention. Africa has 51 different types of primate species with the main primates having a chain of species. The main primates are gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, baboon and bonobos. These primates are normally found in western, central and eastern part of Africa. These primates are sought after because of their behavioral ways as some of them behave like humans and their DNA varies 96%-98% of that of human among them. Some of the primates that are closest relatives of man include the gorillas, chimpanzees and the bonobos.

Bonobo Resting in Trees - DR Congo

Bonobo Resting in Trees – DR Congo

All the primates are tracked by a millions of tourists in Africa but what ranks best are the mountain gorillas that are found in the Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. The mountain gorillas are endangered species that are almost getting extinct. There are around 880 mountain gorillas left in the world. Gorillas are the largest primates in the world as adult gorillas have an average of 140kgs in weight.

Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

With taking a gorilla tour in Rwanda you can experience the beauty of the wild. Gorilla safaris in the Virunga region of Rwanda can give a life time experience and everlasting memories. Scores of tourists come to Rwanda to track these sensational animals. Many of them have had great reviews of tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda. These gorilla tours have made them fall in love with wildlife. Come to Rwanda and witness the beauty of the wild in Africa.