Go Chimpanzee Tracking on Uganda Safari

Chimpanzee tracking is a standout amongst the most popular tourist activities for your Uganda safari. It has more and more come to be notorious throughout the years and it is done in Kibale forest National Park. Going chimp tracking requires you to buy a permit which goes for USD150$. You may need to book in time to avoid any disappointment. There is really decent accommodation in these national parks so worry not about where you will spend the night.

These accommodations are in type of hotels, safari lodges, tents, hostels/bandas and more, and they come in form of luxury, budget and mid range so it is up to pick the type you need. Have some good times filled experience visiting these close relatives of man who offer in the vicinity of 98% of similarities to humans. This is extremely fascinating! You would prefer not to miss it. Besides you get to meet them in the wild, in their own particular environment where you get to witness how they behave and interact. By Jean

Have a Fulfilling Uganda Safari

The last time we were on Uganda safari, we wanted to see wildlife in most national parks. You see my friends and I just had a couple of days off and we needed to see a variety of wild animals but unfortunately we couldn’t. Clearly our time wasn’t sufficient to see all we needed so I’ve determined to go back and see what I missed. One thing I learnt was that it’s always great to plan for your safari way ahead so your days are enough to cover your whole safari schedule.

I remember that we didn’t truly sufficiently plan, we recently jumped onto a plane and arrived in Uganda. Yet that won’t happen again! There are such a variety of Uganda safari websites that could give you a thought of what to do. So don’t make the same error we did, get on the web and have a rewarding safari experience with no regrets. By Jean