Canopy Walks In Rwanda

Overview About Rwanda

Rwanda is popularly known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’ is a paradise for any traveller interested in having amazing adventures and unique moments to cherish for a lifetime. Rwanda has for the longest time rewarded its visitors with enchanting sights of landscapes as well as setting one’s heart aflutter with elusive wildlife. Rwanda is an exceptional tourist destination endowed with beautiful sceneries, rare wildlife, bird species, mountains, water bodies and many others.

What is a canopy walk?

A canopy walk is an activity where an individual goes on a treetop walk to access the forest canopy. It comprises of a bridge that is adjourned between huge trees in the forest stands about 60 meters above the floor. The canopy walk is an adrenalin fun-filled walk that takes one that takes one through a short or long canopy walkway for a whole hiking experience. Most canopy walks call for one’s patience, physically fitness and persistence since they can a bit slippery at times.

Canopy Walk Adventure in Rwanda

Canopy Walk Adventure in Rwanda

How is a canopy walk conducted in Rwanda?

The canopy walk in Rwanda is divided into three stretches where each of the section has a varying length. The shortest section stretches at 25 meters, followed by one which is 45 meters, and the longest at 90 meters. Regardless of which stretch the visitor is on a canopy walkway, the scenery remains beautiful and impeccably satisfying. The starting point for the forest canopy starts at Uwinka visitor centre and is a 2 hours hike. Nyungwe forest national park offers two canopy walks- the morning hike and evening hike. The morning canopy walk starts from 8 am to 10 am. The evening canopy walk begins at 3 pm to 5 pm daily. While on the canopy bridge, you will get see different butterflies, bird species, as well as spot the mischievous primates; chimpanzees, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, white colobus monkeys, and the I’hoest monkeys.

Where can you go for canopy walks in Rwanda?

Canopy walks in Rwanda are enjoyed in one of the most preserved montane forests in Africa is the Nyungwe forest national park. Located 220km approximately six hours drive from Kigali, Nyungwe forest national park envelopes with fold varying landscapes of the rain-forest, bamboo forests, swamps and grasslands. The park is a paradise to hikers one of the reasons why Rwanda has become a top tourist destination in the world. It is a spectacular tour of the rain forest, the only one of its kind in East Africa.

What do you see while on a canopy walk in Rwanda?

While on a safari in Rwanda for canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest, visitors enjoy a moment of bliss as they reach the centre of 200m long canopy walk where they watch an aerial view of the national park, adjacent communities and the white fluffy clouds parading in a distance. You will watch the golden hue of the sunset with the sight of any of the 300 fantastic bird species and butterflies flying below and above you while chanting incredible serenades. One may also witness the 13 primate species living in the forest including the chimpanzees as well as monkey species traipsing among the trees. This adventurous activity also offers superb bird’s eye views into the over stream bed lined with rain forest tall trees and ferns whose memory you will relive again and again.

Are there any people restricted to engage in canopy walking adventure in Rwanda?

Yes, there are some people restricted to take part in the canopy walk in Rwanda because it involves one’s physical strength. These include persons with health complications like heart problems, lung problems, among others which can affect a visitor during hiking to the canopy.

Children below the age of six are not allowed to take on the canopy walk in Rwanda. These should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and with the guidance of a professional guide for the activity to be safe.

Chimps See while on Canopy walk Adventure

Chimps See while on Canopy walk Adventure

People that are afraid of heights or ones with acrophobia are advised not to participate in the canopy walk adventure. This is because the activity is done many meters above the ground and may cause them complications.

Why go for a canopy walk in Rwanda?

The canopy in Rwanda is one of the three canopy-walks in Africa and the only of its kind in East Africa. This offers a view from the above experience, bringing the visitor’s eye with birds and other wildlife in an eco-friendly way. It is an exhilarating experience of traversing suspended bridges between raised platforms high in treetops that every visitor to Rwanda should try out.

The canopy walk offers visitors an opportunity to explore the country’s awesome scenery from a bird’s eye view. It exposes the park’s beaming landscape, breathtaking sights of forest birds and plenty of primates during the walk on a rope bridge suspended 50 meters above the ground. In my opinion, canopy walk in Rwanda is a must-try for all guests since they are one of the world’s most magical jungle adventures.

To any lover of nature, going for a canopy walk in Rwanda is an ideal way to explore Nyungwe forest’s natural beauty; the thick green vegetation and over 200 tree species. It is a great way to explore the upper section of the forest which is adorned with hardwood trees alongside the lower section of the forest canopy which has a large collection of purple orchids, lichens, mosses, ferns with other lush green flora. It is because of this walkway that commands spectacular views of untouched natural forest beauty that you should go for a canopy walk in Rwanda.

When is the best time to go on a canopy walk in Rwanda?

The canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest can be done throughout the year. However, the best time to go for a canopy walk would be during the dry season. This is between December to March and June to September. Visitors travelling on a budget may travel between the month March-May and July to September which is usually wet. This is because during this season several hotels and car rental agencies offer visitors discounted lodging services.

What should you pack for canopy walks in Rwanda?

Here are some of the things you may need to park while planning to go for a canopy walk in Rwanda; waterproof hiking boots, walking stick, a raincoat, a camera and batteries, a light bag and sunglasses.

How to Book a Canopy walk Adventure

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