The Wonderland Uganda Hidden in Africa

To many of the people out there, Africa is known as one country. However the perception is a myth, Africa is a continent with over 52 countries. Most of the countries are not known to the world due to their humble background. The only countries much known in Africa are those with very rich minerals and also with great history with the western world.

The so called small countries are not widely known but these are truly beautiful to visit. Take a look at a country like Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked country located in the east African region and most known to the commonwealth nations since it was colonized by the British. The phrase “pearl of Africa” is common among the travel world but many know little about Uganda.

This is so saddening because they are missing out real wonderland. Uganda is a wonderland that can never seize to mesmerize its tourists. This country has very amazing natural features and resource that are very intuitive and eye catching. This a place that attracts both mass tourists and eco tourists.

One of Uganda’s wonders is its climate. Uganda receives a tropical climate whereby it rains and shines throughout the year. There is no more beautiful and favorable weather than that in Uganda. This is the ideal weather for vacationing. Uganda receives an average of 27 in a year.

In Uganda, they wear one layer or two layer clothes. It is chilly in the early morning hours and gets starting from mid-morning and gets cozy in the evening. Each and every weather situation gets a tourist into a different experience. This climate supports most of the outdoor tourism activities like swimming, sightseeing, nature walks, animal tracking, boat ride, hiking, sunbathing and so forth.

The organic foods in Uganda is something to cherish of. With the fertile soils and nice climate in place, Uganda grows amazing foods that are craved for by everyone. Uganda has delicious matooke which is the most popular food from Buganda kingdom.

The matooke served with ground nuts or beef will get you licking your fingers and yearning for more.  Uganda also has the rolex which a chapatti rolled up with eggs and spices. The rolex is one of the most tasteful delicacies in Africa as reported by CNN in 2016.

The tropical fruits from Uganda cannot be forgotten the mangos, pineapples, guavas and the sweet sugar canes. The Arabic coffee from the Elgon region is a wonder. Many people come to Uganda to taste its organic coffee. This is coffee that soothes the throat as it gets your brain hyperactive.

The amazing landscapes also make Uganda a wonderland. Uganda is said to be the Wakanda. In Lake Bunyonyi Island you get a familiar scenery that was in the popular movie Wakanda. Uganda has breathtaking scenery that make the heart settle spontaneously and makes the mind travel distances thinking of how God is such a great designer as you bring a big smile on your face.  Other than lake Bunyonyi Islands, Uganda has great landscapes like the snow-capped  Rwenzori ranges, Katwe crater lake expulsion, Sippi Falls, Murchison Falls, Aruu Falls and  Kigezi Highlands.

Uganda has numerous elusive wildlife species. Other than the big five animals, Uganda has some unique species like the mountain gorillas. The mountain gorillas are endangered species that are only found in three countries and Uganda is one of them.

The mountain gorillas are very unique primates with very intriguing social traits that always leave the trackers buzzing. Uganda also has the chimpanzees one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. In the bird world, Uganda has the elusive shoe-bill. Many tourists come to Uganda to see this rare bird. There is lots of history attached to the bird. Uganda has over 60 bird species endemic to it.

The world has numerous amazing places to visit and wonder about and Uganda has a place on the list. Uganda gives tourists so much joy from the adventurous side to the exciting one.