Genocide Memorial Museums in Rwanda

Genocide memorials in Rwanda

In 100 days, more than 1,000,000 people were murdered……..!!
But the genocidaires did not kill a million people. They killed one, then another, then another……!! day after day….!!, hour after hour….!!, minute by minute….!! Every minute of the day, someone, somewhere, was being murdered, screaming for mercy….. and receiving none. By the end of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, about 85% of the Tutsi population had been killed across Rwanda. Bodies were floating on water, lying on streets and others in mass graves. Many genocide museums were constructed to commemorate this tragedy.

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, several places were gazetted into museums to commemorate what happened in the genocide. These are found in different areas around Rwanda and attract a number of tourists into the country on addition to mountain gorilla tracking adventure. Once you visit any of the genocide memorials in Rwanda, you will get first hand information about what happened before, during and after the genocide because, most people employed in these centers are genocide victims, they existed and know what happened. Below are some of the genocide memorials in Kigali;


Kigali Memorial Center

Located in kigali city center, over 250,000 perished & buried here!…

Murambi School

Located in south western, over 45,000 Tutsi murdered at school!…

Bisesero Memorial

Found in western province, over 30,000 people murdered here!…

Nyamata Church

35km from Kigali, over 10,000 killed aound this Catholic Church….

Ntarama Church

Had the most brutal killings, over 5000 women & children perished! …

Gisenyi Memorial Center

It is Located in western province, over 1,200 murdered here!…