Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge

Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge is located at the foothill of Virunga Mountains near Volcanoes National Park, the home to the rare and endangered mountain gorillas. It is also found 2 hours’ drive from Kigali International Airport.

le-bambouThe lodge has been perfectly constructed using environmentally friendly local materials, for example, Bamboos made fitted by a local community workmanship. We value the environment so much that we have been careful in the design and building of Lodge to ensure that nature is not harmed. Apart from this, we are closely working with the local communities to ensure that these communities also benefit from the activities like local dancers made by local primary and secondary students around the lodge.

le-bambou-gorilla-lodgeThe Lodge has been described having ‘the world’s best Volcanoes Mountains, every cottage having electricity 24h/7, its own terrace and self contained bathroom eco-luxury comfort to all visitors.

double room with fire placeLe Bambou Gorilla Lodge will introduce you with the exciting pleasures of a some of the world’s most glorious wildlife scenes, pampered in luxury, but in synchronization with the basically rhythms of nature and life.bar and restaurant area