Muhabura Hotel

Welcome to the interesting hotel in Rwanda with an experience that makes visitors live home far from home. When travelling to Rwanda, a wonderful stay is advised at the Muhabura Hotel of the northern region set in the calm of the town environment. In Muhabura Hotel, you can enjoy an atmosphere beyond your expectations.

balcony-terrace-hotel-Muhabura-02The hotel is located opposite Musanze District head offices at the right side the Bank of Kigali and the main road from Ruhengeri to Rubavu. It z conveniently located 5 minutes drive from downtown furthermore, it is found in a town nearest to the Volcanoes National Park, an undoubtedly the perfect base from which you can easily mountain gorilla trekking, visit Dian Fossey Grave, golden monkey tracking and enjoy mountain hiking of Virunga Volcanoes.

hotel-MuhaburaThe hotel has a keen interest in offering a wide variety of accommodation facilities and channels of services result from professional management and decision makers, professionalism and in-service trainings. Either staying in or passing by the Muhabura Hotel, visitors are given a good number of choices in compliance with their needs.

muhabura-hotel-rwandaAt the hotel’s front office, you are warmly welcome by individuals from staff with the important knowledge to help you get necessary information about the area, bank exchange rates against hard currency, tourist attractions in regions, tour guide facilities and other important information in regards to the local market and accommodation costs in different areas of the nation. For accommodation and related services, the front office at the hotel welcomes visitors 24hours a day, but clients are encouraged to make anticipated bookings since the hotel is found near a busiest town and tour destination. We have got three room categories made of doubles, twins and Singles, all contained with hot shower.

hotel-Muhabura-rwandaThe bar at the hotel has the town difference since it offers a variety of decent sitting places as an option for the business needs. The attached balcony is ranked favorites for sightseers as it holds a panoramic view open to the volcanic chain. Still, the counter remains a remarkable fitness in the internal bar room for those who will enjoy a meal or drink while watching satellite TV stations.