Hiking Trails In Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park isn’t only famous for chimpanzee trekking but also for its remarkable hiking adventures. About 130 kilometers of hiking trails exist in Nyungwe Forest National Park, each of which comes with unique wild creatures. Some of these hiking trails take little time about 3 days. The park features the only canopy forest trail, the Rwandan source of the Nile and many more trails that can be sighted within this remarkable country. This park is truly the best for travelers who are interested in outdoor adventures. It features 13 distinct primates, birds, butterflies, orchids in season plants and tree species and everything that any hiker or climber may desire while on safari in Africa.

Below are some of the hiking trails in the Nyungwe Forest National Park

Ngabwe trail

This trail covers 4.7 kilometers and visitors spend nearly three hours to accomplish the hiking adventure and interestingly, it is moderate when it comes to level of its difficulty. This trail also leads visitors via the luxuriant vegetation zones even if it is a relatively short trail. It can also be extended up to eight hours long and this means that it will comprise of the Kitabi tea plantation. Visitors can come along with their own lunch and eat during the picnic site that provides remarkable views of the forest. Along the trail, you will sight the L’Hoests, silver and colobus monkeys as well as mangabeys and chimpanzees.

Bigugu trail

Hiking through this trail lasts for six hours. It takes around seven kilometers and the trail may appear steep and slippery. The trails lead the visitors up to the highest point in the protected area that is Bigugu peak and is 2950 meters above sea level. This trail rewards visitors with bird species like the red collared mountain babbler. There are also some stunning wild flowers including the orchids as well as giant lobelias.

Igishigishigi trail

Igishigishigi trail is the most famous trail from the Uwinka reception area of the protected area as it is the best site for the canopy walk. Hiking through this trail takes visitors nearly 2.4 kilometers and 1.5 hours to accomplish including the canopy walk. While hiking through this trail, you will have a chance to sight the tree tops and view distinct primates, butterflies, birds and many more.

Kamiranzovu marsh trail

This lies within the Caldera especially the depression and it features the massive swamp which makes up an essential watershed in the conservation area. The trail is moderate and it is 6 kilometers long and lasts for three hours for visitors to accomplish hiking through its. It rewards visitors with amazing sites from orchids especially in the wet season. In Rwanda, the wet season takes place from October to November and April and May. This trail rewards visitors with amazing swamp bird species like the Grauer’s rush warbler.

Isumo waterfall trail

This trail covers about 10.6 kilometers long and is moderate. Hiking through it lasts for four hours. It takes visitors via the tea plantation and then the patches of the forest where you have a chance to sight most of the monkeys. This is one of the beautiful trails which takes visitors to its tree ferns which are magnificent and rewards travelers with Rwenzori Turaco.

The source of the River Nile trail

This trail is relatively simpler to hike and the hikes last for one and half hours. This is regarded as the Rwandan source of the Nile that was discovered by ascends the Nile Expedition in 2006 where they knew that the head water of the Rutarara River was the source of the Nile in Nyungwe National Park. The trail covers about 42 kilometers and king through it requires about three to four days.

Karamba birding trail

The trail lasts for four kilometers. This is an essential place for gold mining and the least muddy trails in Nyungwe National Park. Visitors there fore have a chance to sight the orchids and the giant tree.

Muzima trail

This trail covers 5.2 kilometers and it is a bit remote and lasts for 3 and half hours for visitors to accomplish hiking through it. The trail crosses via the vast heath like vegetation and shrubs. The trail also consists of wild flowers along it and it features non forest birds with spectacular views of the protected area as well as Lake Kivu at a distance.

Imbaraga trail

This also leads visitors up to Uwinka reception center and is one that is a bit challenging for travelers to hike through. It covers around 10 kilometers and lasts for six hours for one to accomplish the hikes. Imbaraga denotes strength and visiting offers that real adventure in life. This trails lead travelers up to the 4 distinct waterfalls.

Irebero trail

The word Irebero denotes viewpoint and its length covers about 3.6 kilometers and comes with incredible views of the area. Hikers take around three hours to accomplish. It also leads visitors to the loop around the 2 highest peaks.

Umugote trail

This derived its name from a Syzygium tree that is usually seen along this trail. The trail covers about 3.6 kilometers long and three hours to finish.

The Rukuzi trail

For chimpanzee lovers, this is the best site for chimpanzees. It also takes you through five kilometers to accomplish. Other trail includes the Umugove.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of Rwanda’s most spectacular protected areas that refuge a variety of attractions that offer visitors lifetime experiences. Each of the hiking above trails; feature a number of remarkable attractions that are worth exploring while on African safaris.