Getting to and Out of Rwanda by Air or Land

 Enter From Burundi by Land

Ensure that you check for the latest security condition carefully before crossing by land into Burundi. The main crossing point between Rwanda and Burundi is via Butare town (Rwanda) and Kayanza (Burundi), on the very well-maintained Kigali–Bujumbura road. The border post is called Kayanza Haut. Yahoo Car, New Yahoo Coach and Gaso Bus run daily buses between Kigali and Bujumbura (RFr4000/5500 for a small/big bus, about six hours), departing in the morning from 6am. There is also a direct road from Cyangugu to Bujumbura. many tourists from gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda normally cross to Burindi Butare for more tourism activities.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Do as much homework as possible before crossing by land into the DRC, as the security situation remains potentially volatile after almost a decade of civil war. Currently (Nov 2012), Goma Airport is closed due to a serious battle between the M23 rebels and Congelese Government Army. There are two main crossings between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Cong, both on the shores of Lake Kivu. Crossing between Gisenyi (Rwanda) and Goma (DRC) was considered safe at the time of research, although only for day trips to Goma, climbing Nyiragongo volcano or visiting the mountain gorillas. Virunga National park and Nyiragongo were closed at the begining of this year 2012. Longer safaris into the DRC or overland trips through the country were inadvisable at the time of research. The southern border between Cyangugu (Rwanda) and Bukavu (DRC) is also open, but the security situation around Bukavu is a little more volatile than it is around Goma.


From Kigali, take a minibus to the border town of Rusumo (RFr1500-2000, 3 hours drive). Once across the border, jump on any form of public transport – often a pick-up – to Ngara. From Ngara, catch a bus (US$10, 12 hours) to Mwanza. The road to Mwanza is mostly good but has some rough sections. Hitching is sometimes possible along this way, as plenty of aid vehicles use the road.


The main border crossing is located between Kigali and Kabale, via Gatuna (Rwanda) and Katuna (Uganda). Those traveling direct between Kigali and Kampala can travel with Jaguar Executive Coaches (086 14838), which has a VIP bus (RFr7000) and a standard service (RFr5000), both departing daily from Kigali’s Nyabugogo Bus Station and taking nine hours.

Between Kigali and Kabale there are lots of minibuses, but a change of vehicle at the border is involved. There are regular minibuses from Kigali to Gatuna (RFr15, 90 minutes). Across the border in Katuna there are minibuses (US$0.50) and special hire taxis (US$8 for the car) to Kabale.

There is also a second crossing between Ruhengeri (Rwanda) and Kisoro (Uganda), via Cyanika. The road is in excellent shape on the Rwandan side however, it’s in poor condition on the Ugandan side. Frequent minibuses link either side of the border with Ruhengeri (RFr500, 25km) and Kisoro (US$0.60, 12km).

The other buses operating between Kigali and Kampala include Kampala coaches.

You can also enter Rwanda by air through Kigali / Kanombe International Airport (KGL)

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