Welcome to Rwenzori National Park in Western Uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations in Africa. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rwenzori mountains are also known as mountains of the moon. The park is located in the mystical Rwenzori Mountains along the western border of Uganda with Democratic Republic of Congo. Kasese is the nearby town, just 25km. It is about 5-7hrs drive from the Kampala to the park. The Rwenzori Mountaineering Services offers a ride heading to the park ($10) from Kasese, also offers Rwenzori hiking packages to different peaks.

What to See in Rwenzori National Park

The park is famous for its majestic mountain peaks which are among the tallest in the country, and 3rd in Africa. On your Uganda safari to the Rwenzori National Park, expect to see plenty of lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. The park is also highly regarded for its diverse wildlife.

Mount Stanley is in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. So is Margherita Peak, one of Mount Stanley’s other peaks. Mount Baker and Mount Speke are also in the area. These are among the highest peaks in Uganda. There are also four primate species, 5 species of butterfly and 89 species of birds.

Rwenzori National Park also has numerous trekking and climbing circuits. The seven day circuit of the park is the most popular. Trekking days are officially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, many visitors begin their treks on other days. It depends on what you want and the tour agent you book through. The Rwenzori Mountaineering services is the most popular in organizing trips to the Rwenzori mountains.

Rwenzori Mountain trekkers can trek in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Due to the large number of people there, is best to have a tent with you. Also keep in mind that the schedule may change depending on the number of people on the site. However, all this can be worked upon if you book your trip early. Hiking equipments, tents and sleeping bags can be hired from the headquarters or in Kampala.

Brief History of Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The park was founded in 1991 and later after 3 years, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is currently owned by the Ugandan government through the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Many accommodation units are available in Kasese town for all classes as well as at the park head quarters such as Rwenzori mountaineering safari lodge, Rwenzori International Hotel, Hotel Margherita, Saad Hotel and many others.