Uganda’s Top Most Tourist Attractions – Africa

Mountain Gorillas; These are the top most Uganda’s tourist attraction. In Uganda, mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and in Mgahinga National park. The two parks are situated near each other and located in south western Uganda. The two parks hosts a large number of tourists per annum and fetches large sums of foreign exchange. Visitor from allover the world visit Uganda mainly to see mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorillas are amazing apes and meeting them is a life time experience which can’t be forgotten. Gorillas exhibit similar characters like those of human beings for example;

  •     They use tools like stones, sticks and others during their routen work.
  •     Female ones breast feed their young ones.
  •     A male mature silverback defends the Gorilla group.
  •     At time can move on two feet.
  •     When annoyed, can slap.
  •     Like human beings, Gorillas each Gorilla has unique thamble stamp and many others.

Chimpanzees;These are secondly exciting apes in Uganda. These intelligent apes can be found in Ngamba Island chimp sanctuary, Kibale forest national park and kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park. It is exciting to meet gorillas in their natural habitat and can be found in groups like mountain gorillas. More so, chimps share at least 94% of its DNA with human beings. Chimpa are sociciable, communicative and intelligent.  Like gorillas, chimps have skills of using tools such as rocks for smashing nuts, sticks for drawing termites and these skills are passed from generation.

Topography; of Uganda is also amazing, it is characterized by mountains and valleys for example Mountain Elgon located in the Eastern Uganda and on its slope, Mount Elgon National park is located on the slopes of this mountain. Mountain Rwenzori posses the highest peak and snow caped known as margarita peak. Many tourists are seen climbing this mountain to reach the highest point. The great East African rift valley also leaves a lot to be desired, this valley stretches to southern region of Uganda hosting part of Lake Edward, Lake Albert and so on. Uganda is also characterized by plains and hills which are amazing.

The tree climbing lions; In Uganda, they are only found in Queen Elizabeth National park especially in Ishasha sector along the way to the home of mountain gorillas. These lions are seen swinging on acassia trees and many tourists found it exciting to see them on trees. These lions feed on meet and they can be seen chasing the small or weak animals like antelopes for food.

Elephants; the biggest African animal and known as the defenders of the forest, they are common in Queen Elizabeth National park. Elephants are powerful to the extent of pulling down trees and are capable of feeding leaves up on trees since their tranks are long enough to perform that. The Elephants feed on vegetation and take a lot of water.

Historical places; like Kasubi tombs, Uganda museum;Uganda martyrs shrine- Namugongo among others. Many tourists move to visit Uganda in order to meet such historical places like Kasubi tomb where the Buganda Kings where buried, Uganda martyrs shrine were burnt for their faith, this was led by king Kabalega. Uganda museum where historical tools, weapons/ equipments are kept.