Rusumo water falls in Rwanda

RusumoFallsrwandaRwanda Water falls supplement other tourist attractions like gorilla tracking in volcanoes National park, Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest National Park, wildlife in Akagera National park, Cave exploration among others. Many visitors traveling from across the globe come to witness, view and take photographs and video footage of the falls and rapids that are available in some parts of Kigali and its environs.

Rusumo falls are situated on the Kagera River on the border between Rwanda and Tanzania, part of the most distant headwaters of the river Nile. Although the falls themselves are not of a significant height in comparison to other waterfalls, they have played an important part in the history of Rwanda because they form the only bridging point on the river in that area.

There are many major waterfalls in Rwanda that are mainly split into a number of rapids and others flowing through River Kagera. On the other hand, there are others that are less known by visitors and are located elsewhere. For instance, Rasumo falls. This stands among other numerous ones like, Amazi Isumo and Chutes Rasumo.

RusumoFalls-viewAmazi Isumo is another water fall in Rwanda and a lovely waterfall that is located in one of the coolest places in Rwanda. It is also known as “the lonely planet”. Though small but very powerful and isolated.
Chutes Rasumo is like many others on Lake Kagera are small water falls that many people would like to call it a rapid fall. However, it is ecstatic and extends a romantic feeling.

Most of the places where these water falls are located are conserved and you will find a number of lodges and hotels that will serve you bed and breakfast accommodation services. This is amid other travel agencies that work on the whole process of tours and excursions.

More so, there are a number of activities that are more than exciting as they are delightful. For instance, the most common one is mountain climbing, Gorilla trekking, boat cruising among others. It is also good to camp in one or two of the places as there are camping services that suites family and friends tours. Therefore, it is adventurous to stand near the fall and view waterfalls from up hills to down stream.