Alibaba Founder Jack Ma To Visit Rwanda

Of recent, the Rwanda Development Board entered into a partnership deal with the Rwanda Embassy in China a move that was intended to showcase the country’s available investment and tourism opportunities. The dumbed ‘Rwanda Week’ in China mainly targeted the potential investors who would make the best of country’s available investment opportunities. Due to this, one of the most famous business and investors ‘Jack Ma’ is soon expected to pay a visit to this remarkable country.

He is set to be in this landlocked country at the end of October on 30th where he will interact with most of the local investors to identify more available investment opportunities in different sectors. The major sectors of interest include tourism, electronic payment and education between China and Rwanda.

Jack Ma is a founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Additionally, this group also deals in retails, internet, and technology. It was founded in 1999 with aim of offering consumer to consumer, business to consumer and business to business sales services through web portals and also electronic payment services, shopping search engines and not to forget cloud computing services. It deals in a number of businesses that are widely distributed worldwide and cover different sectors making it one of the most treasured companies in the world.

His visit will mark the second time he is visiting Rwanda after the last trip he made when he came to be part of Youth Connekt Africa summit that took place in July 2017. Over 2500 participants across Africa are engaged in the Youth-Connekt Summit and they are mainly engaged in motivational talks as well as get first hand guidance on how they can be empowered to change this forgotten continent.

Just the previous year alone Jack Ma in addition to sharing the hidden secretes of his success, he also disclosed to them the $10 million fund that was mainly targeted to aid the young African entrepreneurs explore the business world. This summit attracts various heads of state, world business leaders, AU commissioners, multilateral organizations, Ministers of Youth, development partners, young men and women entrepreneurs, civil society and academia, youth led organizations, venture capitalists, business angels and many others.

The project was launched in 2012 by the Rwandan government in conjunction with One UN Rwanda. The main objective of this initiative was to unite different youths so as to help them showcase the potential of Africa’s youth and the available opportunities. As this is part of this program, Jack Ma-a renowned Chinese Billionaire has disclosed more about the 4 (four) groundbreaking projects that include inviting about 200 young African entrepreneurs to work at Alibaba headquarters.

This is aimed at making the youths gain experience in the fields like the e-commerce, internet and artificial intelligence. The other initiative is mainly to work with universities in Africa and government to provide training in particular courses that still cover areas of artificial intelligence, e-commerce and internet. The 3rd(third) program is mainly to partner between Alibaba and Paradise Foundation of China.

The project will mainly focus on promoting and supporting environmental conservation efforts in African continent mostly elephant and other wildlife species. Elephants are among the very few most endangered species in the world and despite this fact, they are also the most looked for among the big game in Africa. Their existence plays a significant role in the tourism sector. In Africa, they come in different species including the forest elephants-these mainly dwell in most of the tropical rain-forests of Africa and the African bush-the savanna grassland dwellers.

With Alibaba partnership deal, Rwanda continues to leave the world wondering after it again struck a deal with Arsenal Football Club in a ‘Visit Rwanda’ campaign. By marketing it via Alibaba websites will further attract not only a large population of Chinese visitors but also other visitors across the world. What is amazing is that the upcoming Alibaba electronic payment system in Rwanda is of a great value the fact that the Alipay connects more than half a billion users and it is on an increase. Besides, about 8 (eight) African states have already adopted this system and due to this, the Rwanda Alibaba partnership deal perhaps will see Rwanda’s tourism and ICT sector on a lead in the near future.

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Rwanda Woos Chinese Investors And Tourists

Rwanda is remarkably that one country that today is very proud because of her drastic economic transformation regardless of tragic past that left many wondering if it at one time would be what it is today. This beautiful landlocked state is full of wonders, just a few months ago, many were left wondering what magic this African nation uses and what still liggers in the minds of many is when it entered into a partnership with Arsenal in a ‘Visit Rwanda’ campaign. As if that wasn’t enough, things have continued unfolding till now this landlocked East African state also partnered with its Embassy to China and that in China in a move to attract investors and tourists. Like someone who knows what he or she wants, it took this remarkable country an entire week touring in this East Asian state. In order to achieve its set goal, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) organized and showcased her investment and tourism opportunities to potential investors in major cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and the Dongguan Province. This also included a visit to industrial parks and manufacturing facilities in this Asian state.

The long one week event featured as the ‘Rwanda Week’ in China and kick started from 30th August to 8th September. It took place at a time when the Forum on China Africa Cooperation was scheduled around the same period. This however, included investor forums in Shenzhen and Beijing where 40 companies were targeted and also a one on one sessions with key investors in china and tour operators. It was through this that different investors were encouraged to pay a visit to this spectacular African country and also utilize most of its investment opportunities. What is amazing is that, like most African states, Rwanda on other hand is credited for its diverse investment opportunities most of which have not been tapped and yet more profitable in addition to its ideal business environment.

Just last year, the RDB signed a deal with Huajian Group- a Chinese investor to put up a manufacturing plant. Because this country’s ideal investment climate, this company was wooed that had also accomplished its investment plans in Ethiopia. Interestingly, this played part the fact that it had strategized in expanding its operations in East Africa. The other amazing bit of it is that, this year, the Chinese business sector also unveiled its interest to invest over $200 million in African continent.

Compared to Tanzania where foreign direct investments is a main priority, to Rwanda, government has created an ideal business environment as way to attract potential investors to boost its economy. In Tanzania, Chinese investment contributed about $4 billion in last year alone. When it comes to tourism, Rwanda on other hand features among the very few most stunning safari destinations in Africa regardless of stiff competition from the rest of the East African countries. Last year, it generated about $438 million in its tourism sector. Currently, Rwanda has positioned itself as luxury gorilla safari destination and this has been sighted attracting more revenues with tickets generating about $18 million an increase of 14.1%. Interestingly, gorilla safaris in Rwanda have helped boost on this country’s tourism sector worldwide.

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are only found within the jungles of Volcanoes National Park making it one of the leading destinations in Africa for gorilla trekking. In addition, this park is also a home to golden monkeys, more than 200 distinct avi-faunal species and many more. Other national parks that this country boasts of include Akagera National Park-Rwanda’s only savanna grassland protected area with a wide array of incredible savanna wildlife species including African lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, roan antelope and many more. Nyungwe Forest National Park is the other spectacular conservation area and this boasts of its abundant primate species. For refreshing travel experiences, Gishwati Mukura National Park is one of a kind protected area for you to explore.

Besides, it can now take part in the many international trade shows and marketing events which in a long run boosts its tourism sector as more tourists will be attracted to come and enjoy its remarkable attraction. This strong ties between Rwanda and China play a significant role in enhancing on its relations. Furthermore, investors in Rwanda also stand a chance to be beneficiaries of the East African community market which accounts for about 168 million people in the Common Market for East African Community (COMESA) that consists of 21 member states and over 520 million people where one can export duty free and even quota free.

Conclusively, Rwanda is undoubtedly one of the Africa’s most stunning states with diverse natural treasures that await for you to enjoy and comes with more investment opportunities both in the tourism industry and other important areas.

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Titus Gorilla Family – Rwanda

Titus Gorilla Family – Rwanda

When it comes to safaris to Rwanda, the most prominent attractions that never miss out in most of the travelers’ bucket list are the rare mountain gorillas. These unique apes feature as among the very few tourist attractions in the world that offer visitors with the most thrilling experiences that come once in a lifetime. They are only found in 3 (three) destinations; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These rare apes share about 98% of their DNA with humans making them a few most vulnerable species on earth. In Rwanda, they are only located in Volcanoes National Park, northwestern part of the country takes trekkers approximately 2 hours’ drive off Kigali International Airport. Volcanoes National Park comprises of ten (10) habituated gorilla groups that have been set for visitor experiences.

Titus gorilla group derived its name from Titus gorilla silverback that was born on 24th August 1974 at a time when Dian Fossey conducting her research at Karisoke Research Centre. Titus was monitored by Kelly Stewart who later named the group after him. Unfortunately, he lost his family members to poachers which included his uncle, brother, sister and father. This was the most challenging moment in Titus’s life. The family then never had females for a period of more than 8 (eight) years and the males were monitored in homosexual behavior till when five females from other families joined his family. Titus led the group for longer period of time and it is estimated that he led the family up to 2007 till Beetsme silverback succeeded his leadership in 2009.

He led the family till he passed on in 2012 and he became one of the male gorillas with several infants and managed the biggest gorilla family. He was protective to the female whereby he was sighted biting a female when she was caught up mating secretly with his son Kuryama. Beetsme featured as a good silverback till he passed on. Titus group features as one of the families that have thrived for longer time. Today, this troop features both new and old individuals that are all peacefully surviving in the same group. Titus was however got when he was dead in his nest surrounded by his group members and he was declared to have died of natural causes. At the age of 35 years, this gorilla king was famous as the most successful gorilla in the Land of a Thousand Hills with numerous infants compared to any other gorilla. This family still serves research needs but recently tourists have been accepted to track through it especially when the permits are overbooked for the main ten habituated families. Titus family is found between Karisimbi and Visoke Volcanoes.

In conclusion, Titus gorilla family is one of the oldest families in Volcanoes National Park. A visit to this group offers tourists a chance to explore more about Titus that features as the oldest silverback that thrived for long and also sired many infants.

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Club Arsenal partner with ‘Visit Rwanda’ – 3 Year Deal

Club Arsenal partner with ‘Visit Rwanda’ – 3 Year Deal

Rwanda has become the first sleeve partner as a strategy to make the country a leading tourist destination worldwide with “visit Rwanda” messaging. This has been achieved by the Rwanda Development Board, through their subsidiary, the Rwanda Convention Bureau. In this 3 year deal, the ‘Visit Rwanda” logo will feature on the left sleeve of all Arsenal teams starting next season (2018/2019).

According to Arsenal F.C chief commercial officer, Vinai Venkatesham, “This is an exciting partnership which will see us support Ruanda’s goal to build their tourism industry. Ruanda has been transformed in recent years and Arsenal’s huge following will bring Ruanda into people’s minds in a new and dynamic way.”

Statistics show that Arsenal shirt is seen over 35 million times a day worldwide. This makes Arsenal foot ball club one of the most viewed teams in the world. Therefore, Team Arsenal is looking forward to working ‘Visit Rwanda’ team to further establish Ruanda as a leading tourist destination in Africa and the world at large.

According to RDB chief executive officer, Clare Akamanzi, “Visit Rwanda team” is thrilled to be partnering with Arsenal “The Gunners” and showcasing the vibrancy and beauty of Rwanda, a country pulsing with energy, creativity and innovation.

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a small land locked country, located in East Africa, with green mountain landscape, bordered by Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the East, DR Congo in the West and Burundi in the south. The country has 12 million people, with Kigali as the Capital city, considered to be among the cleanest in Africa.

Getting to Rwanda

Rwanda is accessed by Air through Kigali International Airport. There are many airlines to Rwanda from different parts of the world and they include Rwanda Air, South Africa airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Air ways, British Airways and KLM among others. The country is also accessed by road from all neighboring countries.

Rwanda Tourism

Rwanda is one of Africa’s top tourist destinations due to its beautiful scenery, unique cultures, water bodies and untamed wildlife in the 4 national parks below;

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

This is the top tour destination in Rwanda for mountain gorillas. Currently, there are over 10 habituated gorilla groups in Rwanda and each group is visited by a maximum of 8 persons per day. This means, the number of gorilla permits available per day is limited, and you must book in advance! Each gorilla permit currently costs US$1500. There is a 15% discount if you extend your trip to any other national parks in Rwanda and staying for over 3 days. Apart from gorilla trekking, other tourist activities in and around Volcanoes National Park include golden monkey tracking, birding, mountain hiking, musanze caves exploration, community tours and Iby’iwacu cultural village tour among others.

Accommodation is available in first class accommodations such as Bisate Lodge, Virunga Lodge and Sabyinyo Silberback lodge. Other accommodation options include Mountain gorilla view lodge, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge and Gorilla Solution Lodge among others.

Canopy Walk – Nyungwe National Park

Located in south western Ruanda, with 13 primate species! This is the largest montane forest in East and Central Africa. Main tour activities include chimpanzee tracking, black and white colobus monkey tracking, canopy walk adventures, bird watching, forest walk and community tours among others.

  • Gishwati-Mukura National Park

This is Ruanda’s newest National park established in 2015. it is located on the highest ridges of the Congo-Nile Divide along the incredibly biodiverse Albertine Rift in the west of Rwanda.

Here visitors can experience not only chimpanzee and primate tracking, pristine montane forests and some of Rwanda’s most exciting birding, but can also engage with friendly, rural people and know that their visit will make a difference!

Located in the Eastern part of Ruanda near Tanzania boarder. Main tour activities include fantastic game viewing to see some of the African Big 5 animals along side other animals, fantastic boat ride on Lake ihema, sport fishing and cultural / community encounters among others.

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