Dufile Fort in Uganda

Welcome to Dufile Fort in Uganda Are you someone interested in exploring some of Uganda’s outstanding historical sites during your trip in the country? If yes, then the Dufile Fort is one of the exceptional places not to miss on your bucket list. Constructed by Emin Pasha (the Governor of Equatoria) between 1874 and 1879
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Aziz Life Experience of Rwanda

Are you in Rwanda for any kind of safari? Spare some time on your visit to Kigali City and head straight to Muhanga Town (only 45 minutes drive away) to experience some of the cultural activities of typical Rwandan rural areas. It is undeniable that culture in a destination is as important as the natural
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Heritage and Cultural Experience in Rwanda

  • October 26, 2016
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Rwandan Traditional Music and Dances In Rwanda, music, dance and drama are among the priority and members gather in companies to enjoy the experiences. The Rwandanese gathers in the afternoon or evening to relax while dancing, singing and prays. Types of dances in Rwanda Dances like intore (“the elite”) danced in the royal court to
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