Best Cultural And Historical Centers In Rwanda

Besides mountain gorilla safaris, Rwanda is also credited for its outstanding cultural experiences. Its history and cultural practices have a lot of hidden meaning that is worth exploring while on Rwanda safari. Exploring its distinct history and cultural practices is worth as you get to understand what the remarkable Rwanda has and what it is today.

Below are some of the historical and cultural centers for you to pay a visit in Rwanda

Iby’iwacu cultural village

This is exceptionally one of the most incredible cultural villages that is frequently visited by most tourists especially those who come for mountain gorilla trekking adventures in the Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. This is a place for the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, Dian Fossey’s tomb site and a cultural village that is rich with traditions and cultural practices. While in this village, you will be welcomed by dramatic performances of the witch doctors, warriors, blacksmith and wedding ceremonies and visitors will be filled with the most exciting experiences. You will also experience the traditional ntore dance, one of the remarkable dances that offer you a chance to spot ladies twist themselves like flying bird as men make stride jumps like hunters protecting their catch.

The cultural museums in Nyamata

This place comes with several old colonial and kingship traditions. It is the best area for you to visit to explore more about Rwanda values and traditions. Rwanda is endowed with history and natural wonders. Besides trekking for mountain gorillas or traveling for bird watching in Volcanoes National Park, visitors also engage in cultural experiences and this means all travelers’ interests are covered with Rwanda’s diversity.

Rwanda genocides

Historically, Rwanda is famous for the terrific 1994 genocide event that left thousands dead within 100 days. Today, this remarkable destination refuges more than eight genocide sites that have been established in commemoration of those who lost their lives at a time. You can pay a visit to one or two to explore more what triggered this horrific event in Rwanda. You can visit the Bisesero genocide memorial site or Kigali-Gisozi memorial site.

Ndaba rock

This is situated nearly 2 (two) hours from Kigali. Ndaba rock is one of Rwanda’s most historical centers that lure both local and foreign travelers. The legend puts it that prior Ndaba’s death his colleagues lowered a rope down the rock that Ndaba was to use to climb to harvest honey using pots. But due to greed, he left his friends waiting as he ate the honey till they all surrendered and left the rock. He also thought of leaving home but it was too late and there was no rope to assist him to get out of the rock. He tried to climb out but lost balance and he hit his head on the rock and passed on. This is an incredible history of a kind and teaches travelers and locals never to be greedy as it causes a lot of problems to most communities. The rock site also comes with the stunning waterfall.

In conclusion, Rwanda is more than wildlife. There is a lot more to be explored while on safari in this incredible safari destination. With the above historical and cultural spots, we believe that you will have a wide range of options to choose the best to pay a visit while on Rwanda safari.