Things To Do Before Undertaking An Overseas Trip

Things To Do Before Undertaking An Overseas Or International Trip

Travelling overseas is always everyone’s dream come true but preparation for such journeys involves a lot of legwork, the fact that you are traveling to another country. It’s not always a surprise that that Holidays may not always go as expected but with advance planning, you are guaranteed of having a good trip, mainly if you are visiting a different country.

In most cases, putting together an itinerary and creating a packing list about all the items needed before traveling internationally is challenging for tourists thus with this information, you will be able to know about all the important things you will need when undertaking an International Trip;

Find out about what Travel documents are required before entering the country

It’s not only finding out what documents are needed but make sure they are up to date. Tourists traveling to Uganda are required to present passport and visa valid for at least 90 days after entering the country, thus make sure it is renewed for the mentioned time before expiry.

Research and find out the weather/season before traveling

Knowing the weather will help you to know what clothes you will need to pack for the safari. If it’s a rainy season, you will definitely need a rain jacket, umbrella, sweater and heavy clothes.

Research and learn about the local language of the country being visited

Learning some few words in the local language of the destination shows courtesy and respect for the people and their cultures. Once you are good to the locals, their will offer their best to helping and making your safari memorable.

Print or make copies of all your travel documents, itinerary and confirmations

Many tourists have been victims to lost passports during safaris in Uganda, which is why travelers are always advised to make backup copies for the “incase” situations. Not only that, most destinations you will visit in Uganda don’t have internet or WiFi to prove you confirmed your trip hence you will need hard copies. This is important because sometimes Safari Lodges or Hotels may make mistakes in your reservations and may overcharge you for last minute bookings thus if you have the printed copy of your itinerary, you will be on a safer side.

Read about the local culture, customs and etiquette of the destination you are visiting

Different areas have unique culture and customs that you ought to respect even if you don’t agree with them. When you are a female traveler to Uganda, you will need to dress in certain way (long skirts and dresses and avoid trousers) to show respect to the community you are visiting.

Check for travel advisories and warnings

Always make sure to first find out whether your country of origin has issued any travel warnings for the country you are planning to travel to and this is usually don’t for your own safety and security during the safari. Another reason you need to check this is because most insurance providers don’t cover trips to countries that are under travel advisories and warnings.

Research about the country-specific vaccinations

Go to the immigration website to find out the health information and vaccination requirements for Uganda, where yellow fever vaccination is a must for tourists. Besides that, you will need to get your shots at least two months before departure to achieve maximum protection.

Carry some emergency Cash at hand

Having cards full of money may not help you during your trip because there are places in Uganda without Banks and even if they do, some don’t accept Credit and Debit Cards or even the Travelers cheques thus the reason you will need to have cash (preferably local currency) for making small purchases in supermarkets, grocery stores of even paying for meals or accommodation.

Inform your Bank to inform them that you will be traveling

Having your credit, Debit and ATM Cards is not enough because you may need to withdraw money which may not be accepted (if it’s in another country) thus you will need to first inform your Bank to allow you use your cards to withdraw or make purchases while overseas. Similarly, make sure to first pay all upcoming bills before undertaking your International trip.

Reach out to your insurance provider or Personal Doctor

Checking out with your doctor will be helpful if you need any prescription medication or vaccinations before undertaking your International Trip while the insurance Provider will insurance your trip against injuries, luggage loss and delayed bookings among others.

Also, any tourist undertaking an International trip should make sure to first purchase some of the tickets for destinations you wish to visit before even leaving, find out what you can actually bring or not bring when entering the country, carry the country-appropriate adapters or converters for your electronic gadgets, first conduct research about the best and cheaper ways to reach your hotel from the Airport and also check some of the entrance and exit fees to pay for the country.