Exciting Things To Do At The Source Of The River Nile

The Source of the mighty River Nile lies in Jinja East of Uganda. And for breathtaking adventures, consider visiting Jinja and you won’t regret in life. For lifetime experiences, the following adventures should be a must to include in your bucket list;

  • White water rafting

The source of the River Nile features as one of the world’s longest Rivers and it is credited for its breathtaking white water rafting. This is undeniably the most sought after adventure by most travelers on safari in Uganda. The adventure takes you through the stunning Nile which also comes with bird and wildlife species.

  • Jet boating

Jet Boating is also conducted along the source of the Nile and provides the most thrilling experiences for visitors on safari in Uganda. You will set off to the rapids on high gear which leave you with the most breathtaking and yet enjoyable experiences.

  • Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping features among the most exceptional adventures that are conducted along the mighty River Nile and offers adventure enthusiasts to kiss the waters of the Nile at 40 meters from the high ground. You can as well, incorporate this breathtaking adventure with other experiences.

  • Kayaking

This is another remarkable experience that any adventure enthusiast shouldn’t miss out while on adventure safari to Jinja. It is an exceptional way for visitors to explore more about the Nile and its surrounding areas like communities, farmlands and incredible bird species as they feed on the fish species.

  • Horseback riding

This adventure allows you to explore what is in and around the River Nile especially the surrounding community along the farmlands. You will be amazed by the breathtaking sceneries as you also enjoy the pure air and catch a glimpse at most of the bird species.

  • Squad biking

If you are interested in enjoying the sunny weather conditions in the afternoon while at the source the Nile then Squad biking should be a must to include in your bucket list. You can ride along the stunning countryside and catch a glimpse at local residents as they carry out their daily activities.

  • Swimming

If you are interested in swimming, then consider visiting the River Nile a must while on safari in Uganda. The River is free from Bilhazia and other infectious diseases as well as crocodiles and hippos.

The other exciting activities include sunset cruise, houseboat safaris on Lake Victoria, mountain biking, visiting the waterfalls like Itanda falls around Jinja and Ssezibwa Falls.

In conclusion, when you think about breathtaking adventures, think about the source of the mighty Nile at Jinja. The source of Nile features a number of amazing water sports that reward visitors with lifetime experiences.