Kiwa Heritage Hot Springs

Kasese district, the home to the Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Parks has more than wildlife, birds, Crater Lakes and mountains to offer. Hot springs are one of the magnificent geothermal treasures this district or Uganda in general offers to tourists that visit the country during safaris.

Even with its immense beauty, Kiwa Heritage hot springs still remains one of the hidden geothermal spots in Kasese District, western Uganda hence few tourists know of or even visit the site.  This natural and cultural site is a perfect place to relax and relieve stress while enjoying the warm bathe of the hot spring water but also offer the chance to learn the unique Bakonzo culture and history as well as the views of River Nyamwamba. These hot springs are just a few minutes trek down a small route, well maintained with bamboo trees.

These hot springs are believed to have healing powers for several ailments and have relaxing effect on the body, owing to the existence of chemicals and minerals, some of which have medicinal components or value such as calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride, calcium sulphate, lithium sulphate and sodium chloride among others. These hot springs are divided into two areas-the extremely hot boiling spring with bubbling swirling separated by a giant tree as well as the warm spring where locals relax and get massages.

It’s not only the hot springs that will make you love and appreciate this site but also the Bukangama Community Museum that stores and displays the cultures and history of the different communities of the Rwenzori sub-region. Also near the Nyamwamba river exists a pristine riverside beach, which also offers magnificent views of the wonderful River with ragged flood plain, thousands of giant rocks and rapids which you may not imagine being within the area as well as a volleyball pitch also within the beach.

There is also a large fish pond near the Kiwa Heritage hot springs, allowing tourists to relieve stress and participate in fishing.

How to get to Kiwa Heritage hot springs

From the tarmacked Kasese road, you will drive for 25 minutes and continue to Kiwa Heritage hot springs.

In conclusion, in addition to being the home to the popular Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Kasese district is also popular for its breathtaking hot springs, one of which is the Kiwa Heritage hot springs as well as the nearby River Nyamwamba as well as the riverside beach. Locals visit the site for its healing powers and tourists visit it to relax and relish the beautiful scenery.